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5 June 2023 1:30 PM Event

What you need to know about exam and few helpful tips.

Exams are just as much a part of any institution of learning as lectures, experiencing new things, and a well-rounded student life. In this article, we set out everything you need to know about this part of your studies, from different examination formats to exam schedules and useful study tips. This will help you see exams not as a terrifying nightmare but as a challenge you can overcome!

What is exam?

An exam period is the time during your studies when you sit exams. Exam periods happen every semester and are generally not too popular with most students. Indeed, many students experience stress and strain during exam periods, particularly because exams are packed together in a tighter time window.

What type of exam do we have?

In most cases, an exam will be a written examination in which your knowledge on a given topic is tested through either open, essay-style questions or closed, multiple-choice questions. However, these are the various exam formats we have:

Oral exam: Your knowledge and expertise is tested in a conversation with your lecturer during class sessions.
Presentation: You work on a specific topic in some courses, either independently or as part of a group, and then give a concise yet informative presentation of your findings in front of your fellow students using powerpoint presentation or orally infrom of an audience. Presentations are often used to measure attainment during the teaching period.
Project work: You work as part of a team of students or individually to tackle a complex task or solve a problem. This includes detailing approaches and concepts you develop in pursuit of a solution and/or giving a presentation on your project.
Practical Exam: This is the highest graded exam we have because students are tested with a competence based approach that demonstrate the application fo what ever the student has learned using the different tools including computers, printers, and other machines available.

When does exam start?

We are using a flexible approach. Immediately a student finishes a course, we give them past question papers and revise with them to prepare them for the exam. Every course exam is written at most two weeks after completion of the course.

When to start preparing for the exam?

It is best to start sooner than later. Start learning from the day you come and start preparing for your exam.

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